What folks are saying about An Undoing

In the middle of his own undoing, Matthew challenged me to fight a great evil. His challenge became the largest facility in the United States dedicated to the restoration of domestic minors who have been trafficked. The Refuge for DMST is my answer to Matthew’s first question, “What makes you come live?” If you read Matthew’s story, expect to be challenged and changed. There is no way to encounter Matthew without becoming ‘undone.’

Alex Shootman, CEO of WorkFront and author of Done Right.


Matthew’s point of disillusionment mirrors many leaders in our culture…Through this book, An Undoing, Matthew takes us on the hero’s journey as he walks away from everything he knew in the way of home, work, and influence to commit to rebuilding himself anew through the tools of resilience and faith. Prepare to embark o your own hero’s journey as you follow Matthew through An Undoing. We highly recommend it!

An Undoing is an authentic tale of one man’s real journey of discovering his own resilience while rediscovering his faith and purpose. For anyone who struggles with living fully, authentically in spirit and service, this book is for you.

I have seen many seminarians taken (often unsuspecting) onto the path of undoing and reconstructing. It is deeply painful, and yet that journey through the shadows is often the most authentic path for transformation. I have so much respect for Matthew and how he has engaged his undoing openly and courageously. May this book be an encouragement to others who find themselves on the same track.