Happy New Year!

The New Year is here! I wanted to take a moment and update you all on everything that is going on.

In my last post, I told you I had the opportunity to intern as the behind the scenes photographer for the movie, 83 Days. After the short film was edited, it was up to the director and producers to pitch our movie to film festivals throughout the US. We were accepted into the Pan African Film & Arts Festival, which happens to be the top black film festival in America. The Love Your Short Film Festival in Florida, Houston Black Film Festival, in Houston, Texas as well as an international debut at the Toronto Black Film Festival. I would like to invite you to keep up with the progress of the film by joining our facebook page, HERE, watch the preview for the film HERE, as well as check out my personal work for the movie, HERE. In March or April, I will be heading out to Georgia to join the rest of the team as we finish shooting this film - SO EXCITED!!! Oh, by the way, the picture to the left is of me and then governor of Illinois. I invited him to my parent’s grand opening…and he came!!!

The other big thing in my life is Swaziland. First, I want to thank those of you who have partnered with me to make this possible. Because of your generosity and my job, we have covered 50% of my trip. I have a lot of deadlines coming up, beginning with the first of 2019. I need to raise $470 by February 15th. I know we can do it! click HERE.  Thank you for your continued support.

With love,