Within the church world today, the book of Amos seems to be one of the most unknown books in the bible. However, if we want to understand God’s heart for justice, we need to know this book intimately. To join with Matthew Hansen and Austin Evers as they teach through the book of Amos, click HERE .


Often times Baptism is reduced to simply following Jesus' example.  And while it is absolutely that, and if that's all it were, that would be enough, but it's not.  Baptism is rich and full of depth and texture.  Baptism is about being born into a family and becoming part of a people.  It's a ceremony.  It's the public "renaming" day for christians, kind of like something called the "Gotcha Day" in the world of adoption.  To know more about what baptism means, click HERE.


The Christian life is about salvation, growth, and discipleship in and through the person of Jesus. The book of Colossians gives us a glimpse to the early Church’s idea of what it meant to be Christian. To listen to this series, click HERE.


Matthew takes us through a 3 part journey the story of Jonah through the lens of how the Jews may have heard it while in exile in Babylon. To listen to this three part series, click HERE.


The Christian way of life begins and ends with the work and person of Jesus. To join Matthew and Austin as they take us through a 27 week series through the book of Mark, click HERE.


While filling the role of an interim pastor, helping a congregation transition through a time of grief, Matthew took them through, what is known as Jesus’ most well known, yet most ignored sermon - The Sermon on the Mount. Click HERE to listen.