To live ordinary well is to reclaim our ordinary lives on a daily basis; it is values-based living in opposition to culturally-based living.  To live ordinary well is to decide that the values you choose guide your life rather than the dominant values of culture.  Instead of motivating people to be other and extra, why not reclaim and re-imagine our individual and collective ordinary?  Why not live that life well instead of leaving it to accomplish a perceived better?  It is within our everyday, ordinary lives that our stories are written, and the stories we tell are that which remains when we do not.  

We are not autonomous individuals.  We are social beings, social beings connected through a web of relationships - relationships to other humans, the earth, the environment, business, and corporations.  In reorienting our lives to live ordinary well, we thought it would be a great idea to partner with some organizations who practice the principles behind Live Ordinary Well.   These companies do not do business as usual.  Like ordinary businesses they care about profit.  Of course they do.  But for them profit isn't where it ends or begins.  These companies care about ethics in their supply chain.  They care about the environment.  They care about those who are purchasing their items.  You and I are more than a commodity to them.  They inspire lifestyles that should be enjoyed by everyone.  Below is a list of the companies we have sponsored with, and we'd like to invite you to join them as you begin to reorient your life to live ordinary well!