…is a social entrepreneur from Austin, Texas. Over the past 15 years he has expressed his vocation as a pastor, church planter, visionary architect and now, author and social-enterprise business co-owner. Matthew holds a Masters of Divinity from Portland Seminary and is an ordained elder in the Free Methodist Church. Matthew is a local and national consultant, speaker and has served on several boards in the religious, educational, and nonprofit sectors. After fifteen years of creative work within both the faith and social sectors, Matthew found himself lost in his own context under the darkness of disillusionment, depression, confusion, and fatigue. Committed to healing, Matthew and his family felt it best to fall off the map and begin the process of recovery through practices found in resilience theory, spiritual direction and solitude.

Now Matthew, his wife of 20 years, Sarah, and their four kids, Serena, Ashton, Eden, and Elie, reside in a small rural community in Knox County, Illinois. With a vision for individual, collective, economic, and social development, they launched Knox County Brewing Co in the spirit of modern monasticism motivated by social good.