soul care, pt. 3 - Jesus as our example

Allow me to dive into each of these functions personified in the work and person of Jesus, if for nothing else, for the sake of definition, and then we will return to the original purpose of this blog series:

  • Service by means of emptying - The idea of emptying found in Philippians 2:5-8 is not so much the idea of "emptying of" only, but rather the idea of being "emptied of in order to be emptied into" - or emptying of and out of and from one set of properties into another.  
  • Incarnation, guided and informed by grace and truth...- Christ’s ontology among us was in balance, it did not weigh more to one side or the other, in fact it was informed and guided by two elements that in our culture seem to be in opposition to each other. 
  • Obedience shaped by submission and suffering - scripture talks about suffering at many levels - it talks about a kind of suffering that Jesus experienced, due to his willingness to embrace the suffering of others through relationship and community which lead to an empathy that very few of us know of
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