What's Next

This blog will conclude my short three part series to kick off the year.  The first two blogs, written for a local paper, were entitled, Permission Granted and Rituals.  This one is entitled, “What’s Next.”

I want to invite you to simply, put yourself out there.  Try a few things you have never done before.  Be willing to try and commit to something(s) new.  Start something new.   Dare to be different (not as a slogan, but for real). 

I think it is funny, that as you get to know someone, at some point in the conversation comes the infamous bucket list question.  I find that after knowing someone for a bit, someone tends to ask the other person, “so tell me about your bucket list.“

I love this question, it says a lot about a person.  But it’s hard for two friends or a community to hold each other accountable to this sort of idea.  It’s out there, if that makes sense.  I prefer the question, “what do you want to do this year or over the next three years and how do you plan on doing it, and what rituals do you have in place to help you do that?“ It’s the difference between asking someone, “do you love Jesus?“ vs. “how do you love Jesus?“ One lets you off the hook, the other one demands accountability.

So, in my last blog on Rituals I talked about creating habits that are taking you places.  Ritual for ritual sake is, at least in my opinion, just a time suck.  It’s a bit like religion + tradition.  Tradition with a purpose vs. tradition for tradition sake.  With one you have the living faith of the dead, a tradition that injects energy and life into different communities.  But the other produces a dead faith for the living.  

So, what’s next? For me, I want to grow spiritually.  Even though I am 43 I want to get stronger, leaner and quicker.  As a business owner, I want to be known more for the way we help our community, rather than an ever growing bottom line.  I want to be a better husband and father.  I want to grow more in knowledge and wisdom.  We want to start a community for folks seeking deeper spirituality.  Serena, our oldest, wants to go do humanitarian work in Swaziland. Ashton, our oldest son, wants to launch into his high school journey by going to Nepal. And here is the reality, just because we want it, doesn’t mean it will happen.

We have to ritualize.  We have to plan for it.  We have to create habits in the areas we want to see growth.  We have to surround ourselves with the right people, people who will encourage us and keep us accountable.

So, what’s next for you?  What are 1-2 new things you want to do this year?  How are you going to do it?  What are you going to ritualize to make it happen?  What are 3-4 areas you want to grow in?  What’s the plan?  How are you going to do it?

So, what’s next?  Write it down.  Ritualize it.  Do it!