Find Your Tribe, pt. 5

   Today we are going to wrap up the five-part series, “Find Your Tribe”.   We have been discussing the three types of relationships we need in our lives in order to tell a better story.     In the first week, we talked about being surrounded by people we admire and wish to emulate at some level, and I gave an example of our relationship with the organization, Kammok.  In the next post, I discussed aligning with people who are on a similar path as our own.  As an example, I introduced you to three families who were our life source in Austin - Vidals, Scanchezes, and Kecks.  In this post, I want to briefly touch on the third group.  This is the group, in my opinion that causes us to learn the most.  In all my years of being mentored, fostering friendships, and mentoring and/or teaching others, I have found that I grow the most when I am committing myself to the growth of others.  In fact, every organization’s future - families, businesses, religions, or clubs - is dependent on the current leader’s willingness to develop those who are coming after them.  Think about the positive snowball effect when adults take the time to mentor kids in school who will never be able to pay them back but will be able to pay it forward in society.

   Where the first type of relationship requires submission and humility, and the second demands transparency and vulnerability.  Forming a relationship with those who are coming after us or are less fortunate than us, requires patience and generosity on our part.  At the core of generosity is the willingness to give without the expectation of ever having a tangible return paid back to us.  What you will find is the more generous you are in developing those coming behind you or less fortunate than you, the more you will actually grow and receive, and that is the grand paradox.  The more you pay forward the more you grow as a person.  This is called growth mentality.  The question I have for you is, who do you have in your life that you are giving to, developing in life?   If you want to tell a better story with your life, find a few people you can begin to pour into.  

   At the end of the day, my purpose has been to communicate the necessity of the right type of people in our lives.  About a month ago, I received a phone call that the guy who was one of my best friends in high school had passed away.  While I hadn’t seen him in over twenty years, thanks to social media, I had actually developed a long distance friendship with his oldest brother, Rob.  Rob and I probably have more in common and our personalities are even more similar.  We both love cooking, he even owns a restaurant and is a man I admire for deciding to live life differently than the status quo.  Due to internatinoal travel, I was not able to make the funeral, but after the funeral, I texted Rob and let him know that our thoughts and prayers were with the family.  He texted me back and said, “Thank you...more prayers needed. While at the funeral, Ryan’s (the middle brother) house caught on fire, we are dealing with that now...2018 is AWESOME.”  What do you say to that?  Seriously, he just left the funeral of his youngest brother to attempt to salvage his middle brother’s house that caught on fire while at the funeral.  Are you kidding!  Then he followed up his text with this, “I can’t tell you how important support structure is… People need people.”  He’s right, the depth and fullness of life, through both good times and bad, is built on the foundation of good people.