Update on the Hansens

You are supposed to be getting a new blog about living ordinary well, but this month wrote an update on our lives and what we are up to.  It's also been awhile since we sent out an adoption update to those of you who have supported us, so that's included too.

Home-schooling: We are eight months into our first trial of homeschooling.  While this has been a great experiment, we're not sure we are committed to it for the long term.  We have probably learned more than the kids have and it certainly has been eye opening.  One of the first questions we are asked is, "what curriculum do you use?" If you are not interested in this part, then click HERE, if not just keep reading. 

Sabbatical: We can now declare that we are easing out of our sabbatical.  We have used the word 'liminality' to describe this sabbatical and have written several blogs about that idea, HERE and HERE.  Ironically, the way we are easing out of this sabbatical is by helping a couple of different faith communities transition through a corporate place of liminality.  We are excited about this, and realize the new context will make things very different from our past work, but it should be fun.  

Travel:  This has been an extensive travel season.  Many of you know we started this season with a 10,000-mile road-trip.  We followed up with more concentrated travel within the northern midwest (Chicago, Green Bay, Maddison, etc) due to Sarah's job.  We have taken a couple trips down to Tulsa, St. Louis, and Bentonville.  Matthew has been to Portland twice, and just traveled with Ashton for a man-trip to Costa Rica.  This doesn't look to slow down anytime soon, with another trip to St. Louis on the horizon to join some friends for a concert, another Portland trip, Kansas City, Bolivia, and the hopes to finish this season off with another road trip, which officially ends the season we had marked out for sabbatical.  

Adoption: Unfortunately, we have nothing new to report.  We just finished our next round of paper renewals, and have officially been in the waiting process for two years (we sent off all of our completed paperwork on April 1, 2014).  So, the big news...we are still waiting.

Hobbies: We are forming new hobbies around the idea of creating.  When we cook a meal, we are engaging it from the vantage point of creating rather than simply satisfying hunger.  We try to involve the kids as much as possible, and while this demands a much slower pace, it has been great.  We are now roasting our own coffee, making our own granola, and bread.  Next on the block will be pasta, beer and  kombucha.  That said, the hobby we miss the most is jiu jitsu.   

I inhale great daughters of space,
The east and the west are mine, and the north and the south are mine.
I am larger, better than I thought, I did not know I held so much goodness.
All seems beautiful to me…
— Walt Whitman, Song of the Open road

This season has been filled with the unknown.  We have broken away from our comfortable, which at times has felt traumatic and other times euphoric.   We have experienced times where we felt very lost and others where we have felt very found.   We have confronted demons and danced with angels.  We are learning to see God in the faces that confront us and the landscapes that surround us.  We have learned to see and love each other anew.  We are truly learning the importance of slowing down and embracing the now.  We are continually having the idea that togetherness and adventure are much more important then accomplishment, success, and busyness re-confirmed.