Ode to a City

Dear Austin,

You know I love you.  Or I’m infatuated with you.  I’m not sure.  We’ve been together for a long time, 21 years.  And even before that, we spent decades flirting with the idea of being together.  When it comes to you, I’m not sure if I know the difference between lust or love.  You’re like an addiction, an addiction created by familiarity.  I think I want to get away from you and then when I do, like a siren you beckon and I oblige.

Like all unhealthy relationships, while you do for me things others won’t, you over promise and under deliver.  For me, the fantasy of you is better than the reality of you.  The stress you have created and your inability to commit is daunting.  Frankly, I like who you used to be, I like you well enough now, but you have submitted to the calls of other lovers and you are changing and changing quickly.  You are losing the elements that made you so beautiful and unique.  I loved you before you were so popular, before you were making cameos in top-10 lists, and that’s the you I Iove.  But you are changing - not sure I can blame you though. I can’t offer you what others can.  I am changing also.  We have different needs. I need a slower pace, and a more committed place; while you need people who are more infatuated with who you are becoming. 

At the end of the day, I believe the relationship we have is based more on familiarity than love.  We are convenient lovers - the romance and affection are no longer there.  Our relationship has not yet gone sour, there is no feelings of regret, and I believe, it is best to end this...I can’t even say that...I believe it is best to take a break while things are still fine.  So, on that note, I bid you adieu.  Who knows, maybe some distance will rekindle the flame and I will, again, oblige your call.  Or maybe I will come to the realization that this relationship has run its course and it’s best to end things while the memories will remain sweet rather than hold on too long and allow the memories to turn bitter.

So, with all my heart Austin, I love you!  

photo credit: City of Austin