Weige Knives: Live Ordinary Well

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The other day we had a chance to catch up with Travis of Weige Knives.  We were able to fit in a quick interview with Travis before we took off and in-between his knife making.  


Travis, I know you are a busy man.  As you were telling us you currently have an 18 month wait for your custom knives, so we won't take much of your time.  So, first off, can you tell us a little of your backstory, in other words, what inspired Weige Knives?

I started making custom chef knives as a hobby because I needed a hands-on task to take my mind off my intense day job in the media business. I was behind a computer all day and wanted a creative outlet that allowed me to work outside. I slowly built a workshop in my garage and started making knives for my family. As soon as people learned I was making kitchen knives they wanted one so I began to charge for them. Since the day I started I've had more orders than I can possibly fill. I'm very grateful people responded so well to what I'm doing.

Travis, that's great, and inspirational.  Seriously.  If you could define the mission and passion that lay at the foundation of Weige Knives, what would it be?

Quality and functionality is our main goal. Beauty is right there as well. We strive to make high performance, long lasting kitchen knives that are striking and unique. We're constantly challenging ourselves in the shop to make each knife better and to improve our systems so we can create knives faster while maintaining our high level of quality.

So the other day, you gave us a little tour of your knife making process, and to even our kids, the mission and passion Weige Knives stood out to them.  Thank you. Now, can you explain the the idea or ideas that lie behind, Weige Knives?

The idea is to create the great American kitchen knife. Something useful, beautiful and of heirloom quality. A great knife is often overlooked as the center piece of a kitchen so we deliver one of a kind, highly customized knives that are a direct reflection of the particular individual using them. Our knives are designed to be an extension of the customer and when they pick up their knife they should realize the quality and comfort. 

Travis, finally, in your own words, as a company what does it mean to live ordinary well is to you and Weige Knives:

To live ordinary well is to find something you truly enjoy and devote your time to becoming a master in the trade, profession, etc. I spent many years becoming average at a lot of things until I stumbled into knife making. I'm not going to get rich, monetarily, doing this and I'm okay with that. I like what I do and knife making isn't extra ordinary, but it's unique. I guess it's more of a lifestyle choice and enjoying what you do more than anything else.

Travis, we couldn't agree more!  Thank you so much for your time and for making a knife for our trip.  All good adventures require a great knife, and thanks to Weige Knives we now have one.  

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