Mitscoots: Give + Get + Employ


Mitscoots is an Austin based small business that donates socks to the local homeless community.  They have generously partnered with us for our "There And Back Again" road trip.  We asked Mitscoots for partnership because they have products we love (and have purchased before), their commitment to quality and the values we share.  

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The Sock Story

While volunteering along the streets of Austin, Texas circa 2008, we discovered that right after food and water, there was no greater request among the less fortunate than for a clean pair of socks.  So, for every pair purchased, we give an equal quality pair of socks to someone in need and take pride in employing those less fortunate to get each and every pair of our socks packaged up and ready to go.

What You Get

Mitscoots are socks made 100% in the U.S.A. We have our products manufactured in North Carolina and packaged in Austin, Texas. Our socks last because they are designed for the needs of those that may have to wear them for days on end. We're modest about most things, but the quality of our socks isn't one of them. They are bright, bold, comfortable and represent your commitment to helping the homeless.

What We Give

We give socks to those in need all over the country. The need for socks is enormous and we want to do everything we can to take care of it. We have partnered with a number of amazing local and national charities to help give away as many socks as possible and are excited every day for the chance to do it. For every pair of socks purchased we take an equal pair of socks and give them out on your behalf. It might just be a pair of socks and we know it may not change the world, but for someone, it sure will make it a little better.

Who We Employ

We understand that not having a clean pair of socks is only part of the problem. The greater issue stems from individuals in need not being able to provide for themselves. With that in mind, we have partnered with several organizations that specialize in taking individuals off the streets and getting them into steady employment situations. We are able to offer those in need an opportunity to get back on their feet by helping to package our socks and getting them shipped out to our customers.