Mi Familia

There is nothing more important to us than family life. It is the center of who we are. That being said, we keep ourselves very busy, which means it takes a lot of discipline to make sure we put each other first.   I can't believe Christmas break is upon us!  Below are just a few things that signify new chapters in our lives:

Slave Free City Summit:  I have been working hard on putting together the Slave Free City Summit for Allies.  If you would like more information, click HERE.  If you are interested in the issue of Human Trafficking and fringe issues that effect trafficking in the United States, I highly recommend this conference.  If you would like to attend contact me and I'll get you a discount code! 

Holiday Travel: The Anniversary party is over, it was great!  Graduations, birthdays, and events have now passed, and they were amazing.  It is now time for holiday travel.  We will be heading east, to Florida for your annual 1,000 mile road trip with the kids.  I look forward to this drive every year, bit up north to Peoria, or east to Florida, either way, it is some of the best, uninterrupted tome with our kids and a lot of great sight seeing.  

Church:  As many of you know we are half way into the fifth month of the planting of Church at East.  A lot of the dust is settling, and that is good.   Because we didn't go into this knowing who we wanted to be (not the smartest church planting strategy I've employed yet), mainly because it was more of an inherited plant, we are now in the stage of determining identity:  Who we are?  Who we want to be?  How should we function?  What's our ecclesiology?  These are all things we need your prayers for.  You can visit our new website by clicking HERE. If you would like to join us and donate a one time tax-deductible gift or would like to set up a monthly-reoccuring gift, click HERE.  And if you would like to follow us on Facebook, click HERE.   All that to say, we are very excited as this has been a long time coming and we covet your prayers!

Adoption Update: About six weeks ago we heard from Nicaragua!  We've literally been sitting in silence since April.  Because so many of you have supported us, we wanted to let you know as soon as knew anything.  Basically what we were sent today was a certificate of acceptance.  Once we sent in our dossier, it had several steps to go through: (1) it had to, of course, arrive in the country. (2) then be translated into spanish (3) from there it is submitted to Family Social Services and the government committee for scrutiny and critique, if they find nothing wrong then it is (4) voted on by Social services and the committee (5) if it is approved in the vote then the government and social services (6) actively begins to look for a match for you family.  So, the certificate was to say, we made it through the whole process and that the government is now actively trying to match the Hansen family with their new son!  

Some way in all this craziness, we grow together...closer...deeper, and at the end of the day, that's what we want.  If family is ever sacrificed on the altar of work, school, or self, then all we've gained is worthless.  I'd leave all this for them - that's my loyalty, but thank God, for now, and in this season, he works all of this together for his glory and our good.  We pray you have a blessed Summer and enjoy those you love so much!