Howler Brothers: Heed the Call


We had the opportunity to interview Mason Brent of Howler Brothers.  Howler Brothers has generously partnered with us for our "There And Back Again" road trip.  We asked Howler Brothers for partnership because they have products we love, their commitment to quality and the values we share.  This is a conversation with Mason about what it means at Howler Brothers to live ordinary well.

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Can you tell us a little of your backstory? What inspired Howler Brothers?

Howler was inspired by trips to Costa  Rica that we've all been on over the years.  The howler monkeys down there are constant reminders that you're in a very special place, doing something you love.

If you could define the mission and passion that lay at the foundation of Howler Brothers, what would it be?

Howler's mission and passion are very connected to developing quality gear, but having fun with the process and outcome is just as important!

Can you explain the idea behind "Heed the Call"?

Heeding the call is about taking advantage of all that your life has to offer.  If there's something you'd like to pursue, sometimes you have to trust your inner-self and go out and do it.

That's a great answer, which probably means you've already answered our last question, but we have to ask: At Howler Brothers, what does it mean to live ordinary well?
Heed the call!