Ethical Holidays

The holidays are upon us, and as as we move into the holiday season, one of the best ways to tangibly act against injustice and  slavery is to utilize the different holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Valentines day) to consume and purchase ethically during the season.  For example - there will be more chocolate, diamonds, flowers, and clothes purchased in the next four months than the rest of the year combined.  Most people don’t know this truth, but many of these products are made, sewn, picked, or mined by slaves, and when we purchase from those companies, we are actually funding the Slave Industry.  

Over the past few years we have watched consumers change the tide in this, as we know one thing - at the end of the day, all organizations are in the money making business.  Most organizations key responsibility is to make money for their stockholders.  When we invest (purchase) from those companies, we help them meet their goal.  However, if we were to hold back, if we were to point our buying power in a more ethical direction, and stockholders started losing money, organizations would begin to feel the pressure of no longer meeting their goal.  When we begin to send the message to corporate America that our dollars are going to go to companies committed to ethical practices and have a transparent and honest supply chain, the tide begins to change.  This has to be a bottom up movement - it will not start with shareholders and CEOs, it has to start with you, the consumer.   So, this holiday season, I have put together a series of blogs and interviews to help do two things: (1) Answer some of the questions you may have regarding how we effect change, the way our purchasing makes a difference, what the way we consume says about us, and going above and beyond just making tweaks in our purchasing habits, etc... (2) To assist you in the sea of choices this holiday season with a list of resources.  

To be directed to any of these blogs, simply click on any of the titles below:

  1. SlaveFree Holiday, pt. 1 - interview with Shelton Green - Shelton and I talk about how slavery is still allowed in the supply chains of the products you and I purchase here in the United States. 
  2. SlaveFree Holiday, pt. 2 - interview with Ken Wystma - Ken and I talk about the differences you and I make with the way we purchase and what our purchasing habits say about us.  
  3. SlaveFree Holiday, pt. 3 - List of links and resources to help guide you this holiday season. 
  4. SlaveFree Holiday, pt. 4 - interview with the Livesay's - Tara and I talk about going beyond the bare minimum of change.  The #SlaveFree conversation inevitably leads to conversations about living with excess, so Tara answered a couple questions for us about this very subject.