year end - 2012

2012 was a good year for the Hansens.  Top two happenings of 2012 would have to be...

  • ...our move to East Austin.  This helped us:
    • re-centralize our lives - we now live closer to where we do life
    • become closer as a family - bottom line we live in a much smaller house and it forces more interaction, we needed this more than we knew.
    • live in a part of town that we love and have longed to live - most people know I have spent most of my time in Austin dreaming of leaving Austin, but since we have landed in the heart of this great city and have started doing life here, we now are fully aware of why people call this city great - Austin is our city! That's not to say, one day we wouldn't want to explore other options, but for now this is home!
  • ...ANCEast.  It is like embarking on a long awaited dream in the following avenues:
    • New Friends - We are meeting new friends with our very heart and love of the heart of this city. I love the small group of people who are calling ANCEast their home...I don't just say that casually, I do love them...
    • The Evers - friends and co-pastor at ANCEast
    • With Jesus - we in NO way think we are advancing his kingdom - we can't.  Nor do we think we are building a church, again, we can't.  But Jesus loves the heart of Austin and the beautiful people that call it home, and we get to be part of this with Him, and because of that we are humbled and thankful

Writing and Blogging: I am going to spend more time writing, and writing on things that are more dear to my heart.  In fact the most viewed pieces I did in 2012 were A New Politics and Tolerance, Marriage, Hate, and Sexuality and a series on community: Community, Community pt. 1, Community pt. 2, Community pt. 3, and Community pt. 4.   Anyway, I plan on writing more on the subjects that I seem to have more readers around and that are important to me.

Reading: I love reading - absolutely love it.  But for the last several years my reading has been pretty homogeneous.  I've been challenged to change that.  In fact, I was challenged by a man, a professor that I have learned to love and respect about the types of books I read.  I'll paraphrase what he said to me about this, "you need to quit reading these 'church' books, they're not helping anyone.  In fact, it gives a weird unbiblical allusion that we can actually build the church...sure, I know, I know, we preach that we don't build the church - but look at our structures, our processes, what we are willing to make a buck on, and what we are willing to publish time and time again - bottom line is, we believe we can build it.  But we can't.  We were called to be missionaries and disciple makers - we need to be students of culture and history and the Bible.  Many of these books takes the place of the holy spirit in the lives of pastors and church planters - when God wants them listening to him, they are instead looking for the newest thing to copy.  I'm not saying you should never read a church book, just don't waste your time on fads and flash-in-the-pan books, read the old or new good stuff, usually written by old guys..."  He said a lot more than that, but I'll spare you it all, it was very convicting to me.  I want to broaden my horizons in reading.  So, my goal is to read books from many different genres.

Fitness: We decided to push our fitness and conditioning to the  next level so we quit the gym.  After competing in the Tough Mudder  (I wrote a couple blogs about it: HERE and Here) and we'll be competing again in April to qualify for the WTM. Then last week I ran the GoRuck with Austin and Lamar (ironically on 12.21.12) it has only made me want to push my body harder and further.

We look forward to 2013 and all it holds for the Hansens, but we want to take is slow, live deeply in the now, and live deeply with our friends and family.... Here's to 2013