Okay, currently, myself, Sarah, Lindsey Lear, Luis Sanchez, and Holly Mommaerts are leading Tuesday evening training sessions for our Restore the Orphan marathon/half-marathon team.  An interesting conversation seems to continue to surface about the connection of spirituality and exercise.  And while I realize that in saying that, I just lost some of you, I honestly believe there is a connection that revolves around pushing your body to its limits (which reminds us of our limits, yet reminds us of the amazement of how God created the human body); it creates community; helps us to be long-term minded (we all know good and lasting results don't come fast); not to mention it helps create worship if you loose yourself in the thought of God while running... Anyway, in light of that, I wanted to repost part of a blog I did right after the 2010 Austin Half-Marathon that I thought would be relevant to this conversation:

February 14th, 2010 - Today was it, we began the day by getting up at 5am.  The race started on time this year.  For those who haven't done this, they might not understand it.  But there is something about being in the midst of 13,000+ other runners from 22 different nations and 47 different states.  There is a joy that overcomes you to the point of tears about mile 12.5.  This is sometimes how I imagine church, when I let myself go, not running specifically, but going beyond the norm, going to new depths, using a strength that takes you out of the walls, this was a LARGE community, there were no slackers among us, there was no one who showed up to 'hear a message', no one could check a box, we all were headed in the same direction, yes, at different speeds, but we all were working together, motivating each other...this is so much better than sitting in a church service...I like how the 'Prophet' Tyler Durden says it:

You aren't alive anywhere like you're alive at fight club (running).... Fight club (running) isn't about winning or losing fights (the race).  Fight club (running) isn't about words.  You see a guy come to fight club (run) for the first time, and his ass is a loaf of white bread.  You see this same guy here six months later, and he looks carved out of wood...There's grunting and noise at fight club (a race) like at the gym, but fight club (running) isn't about looking good.  There's hysterical shouting in tongues like at church, and when you wake up Sunday afternoon you feel saved.

There is something in and on a principle level that happens in one of these that makes you feel apart of 

something like nothing else does. There is something that makes you truly feel like one with the City...I can't explain it, but it was was was spiritual...