At last...a book!

…what started out to be a story for my kids to read one day, evolved into a tale for pastors and leaders who may go through the same thing. Which then became a manuscript one of my professors encouraged me to submit. Which resulted in a book contract. So there you go! The journey has begun. I have a book coming out. It is still in the early stages of copy editing. The title is, “An Undoing.“

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Back to Basics

Have you ever looked at one of your kids and thought, “Damn, you’re pretty smart!”  That happened to me just this past week. My oldest, Serena, was giving some life advice to a friend, and distilled it down to three points:

  1. Learn to tell people, “no”

  2. Ask for favors

  3. Important stuff should be done face-to-face.

Yeah, that’s pretty good!  I thought it was so good, that I wanted to take her three-point life-advice, and expound.

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It Takes a Village...

to live beyond your scope, to live beyond my scope, it takes a village.  It takes the mindset of world-changers.  It takes sacrifice on all of our parts.  I am so thankful that our “village” stretches all over the US, from Florida to California, from Texas to Illinois.  So, why do I write this, simply to say, “thank you for being you.”  And while you may not have considered yourself a world changer, you have indeed changed the world of my kids, and hopefully through that, they will change the world for others, and therefore you are changing the world of those you will never know or meet.  Your influence goes well beyond you, and for that the Hansen clan says, “Cheers!”

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Lent for the Good of Others

…In the book of Isaiah, the prophet tells us the kind of fast God asks of us are those that lead us to “Freeing those who are wrongly imprisoned; lightening the burden of those who work for you. Letting the oppressed go free, and removing the chains that bind people.” …the Isaiah text tells us the only fasting God really recognizes, is fasting that is purposed for the good of other humans.

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What's Next

So, what’s next? I want to grow spiritually.  Even though I am 43 I want to get stronger, leaner and quicker.  As a business I want to be known more for the way we help our community.  I want to be a better husband and father.  I want to grow more in knowledge.  We want to start a community of folks seeking deeper spirituality…And here is the reality, just because I want it, doesn’t mean it will happen.

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Here’s the key, this all comes first.  This is why morning rituals are so important.  They help you start each day remembering that you are part of a larger story, a story that needs to be activated, perpetuated and lived out by you.  If you don’t start this way, you may have a lot of great goals, but chances are you will allow yourself to be overcome by what seems to be immediately in conflict with the better story!  Schedule your rituals in your date or appointment book and treat them like you would an actual appointment. No interruption.

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