Happy New Year!!!

I can’t believe we have started 2019! More unreal to me, is that I am a semester away from starting my high-school journey!

I’m only 14, and in those fourteen years, I have lived through a lot of change. Change that has built in me a spirit for adventure and a love of nature. With my family, I have had the opportunity to camp in the great Red Woods of California, swim in the glacier waters of Montana, climb mountains in the Rockies, cliff jump into the cold waters of the great lakes and surf the waves of Costa Rica. My parents have always tried to group these experiences with serving others. Like when my dad took me to surf in Costa Rica, we also worked with inner city kids through a jiu jitsu program. But now I want to forge a path of my own.

Last summer, my older sister, Serena, traveled to Guatemala. Her return and the stories of her trip inspired me. The inspired me to ask what my own adventure might look like. I began to wonder, how I might take my love for adventure and nature, along with our family value of serving others, and turn it into an adventure of my own? An adventure that would almost act like a doorway into my high-school years? After praying through the trips offered by Adventures in Mission, it seemed Nepal was the obvious choice.

Over the past several months many of you have partnered with me and helped me raise 50% of the money I need to go on my adventure. I have to raise an additional $750 by mid-March. If you would like to partner with me, click HERE and you will be directed to my fundraising page.

Keep checking back and I'll update you on my progress!  

Thank you!